Originally Published, February 8, 2013

 “All new news is old news happening to new people” – Malcolm Muggeridge.

At an event organized at Dome/Kwabenya by a group calling itself: “Let My Vote Count Alliance”,(LMVCA) and addressed by key political functionaries , some outrageous pronouncements were made which cannot be allowed to pass without comment.  
A new mindset? 
One of such shocking statements made at the meeting advocated for a spate of bombing, killing, maiming and destruction of lives and property, to be carried out in the country, ostensibly,  to send a “message” to the international community. A message to the International community? 
This method, -as is well known- is the ‘implement’ of choice of the notorious Drug Cartels in some countries. To communicate their messages to state institutions and the public, their agents are sent around to deliberately massacre scores of people and dump their bodies strategically across the cities.  When that is done whoever comes across such awful scenes recognizes the owner of the ‘autograph’ and grasps what is being communicated.
On the LMVCA platform, State institutions which serve as the strands that hold society together were bastardized by the speakers including  some honorable members of parliament.

By inspiring the youth to cross the line of authority and kick against state institutions with impunity, using threats and  repugnant language against people whose only crime is their quest to offer themselves as public servants; where are we getting with such attitudes. Or is it to revive an old “forgotten” order?




Originally Published, December 13, 2012

When the presidential candidates contesting the December 7, 2012, polls, signed a peace pact in Kumasi on November 27, 2012, pledging their commitment to peace and violent free elections under the auspices of the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG), the National Peace Council and the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Ghanaians were impressed not just by the aptness and timeliness of the initiative, but also by the file of eminent persons the organizers arraigned, as backers to the initiative. Their choice of persons was one that was froth with wisdom, boldness and leadership.

For many therefore, the peace pact represented an appropriate, tangible seal to the many efforts the peace-loving people of this nation had undertaken. Irrespective of the nature of our efforts, both at the individual and the collective levels, they all found expression in this single initiative which gave us the Kumasi Peace Pact.

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Originally Published, December 6, 2012
As we brace ourselves for “sovereign election” on 7th December, 2012, the posture of our politicians are now overly appealing  to our religious sentiments as they attempt to play the “faith card”.
An atheist is a person who does not recognize the existence of God, let alone accept God’s role in the universe. Their main stay has been to vigorously smear God and vehemently deny his role as a God who makes interventions in human affairs. 
But it is interesting what we observe about humans who are about to suffer calamity. There is a frantic instinctive effort to reach out to a higher external transcendent force to come to their aid. When that situation arises that innate urge is given expression and you hear people shout Jesus!, my God!, or whatever their inner self believes in. 
I am not the least suggesting that any of our political activist is a an atheist, but it amuses me how political parties in Ghana have now been forced out of their pigeon holes onto new frontiers where they hope to play the “God factor”. 
When the late Atta-Mills trumpeted his faith in God, he remained conscripted in the pigeon hole of his faith as a Christian, without being conflicted in the roles that came his way through divine providence.  


Originally Published, December 6, 2012

I dedicate this article  to H. E. Alhaji Aliu Mahama,  our former vice president, a disciplined politician with no vile in his mouth, a noble and selfless statesman who passed away on the 16th, November, 2012 for his stand against indiscipline in every sphere of our national life.  May the Angels of Mercy lead you on Papa. Rest in perfect peace.

Launching a strategic plan to campaign against indiscipline in May 2002, to eliminate unruliness from all spheres of our society, he was of the conviction that Ghana could on only achieve socio-economic progress if Ghanaians adopt positive attitudes and behavior. Aliu Mahama added to the thinking of the nation’s development by his quest for a disciplined society. Ten years down the line, what do we have to show in terms  cleaner environment etc etc.
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HOW WOULD YOU BE REMEMBERED? Tribute To Prof. Atta Mills

Originally Published, August 14, 2012

The greatest tremor to have hit Ghana in recent times is the demise of His Excellency Prof. Evans Atta-Mills the President of the Republic. As a sitting President his death left the country in a state of shock and bewilderment.  

In that state, it was most heartening however, to observe the entire nation take   time off to mourn the departure of this one- of–a-kind leader and to extend our deepest condolences to the widow, the former first lady; Dr. Naadu Mills and the son.

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Originally Published, June 13, 2012

National Aspirations

Dominant attitudes in all pervading cultures have ways of signalling whether the society is growing, declining or self-destructing. When we assess our political behaviour and practice from 1992 to date, within the general context of our political milieu, the question must be asked, what society are we seeking to leave behind for the next generation? Are we fostering the building of a cohesive society based on unity and trust or a society that lives in suspicion and fear of each other?  Do we have people with true democratic mindset to be in charge of this country, Ghana?

The actions and utterances of politicians who seek to rule this country, must always personify the aspirations of our country, like education, provision of electrical energy to power our economy, modernization of the economy, science and technology, the fight against ignorance, the need to overturn the human resource deficit in our medical and educational institutions,  and manage public expenditure in a more prudent manner by eliminating waste and corruption in the civil service. Political parties as civil society organizations are engineered for this purpose.

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Originally Published, June 11, 2012

Election periods within the sub-region are always fretting times, because of warped electioneering activities by Political Parties and their politicians. The period is always marked by unsavory utterances, trickery, provocative communication, and all kinds of activities that have the tendency of sparking mayhem in our society.

Today, as we stand at the brink of another National Election, it is not surprising that the euphoria of the times should, once again, usher to the forefront, the important question as to whether the people of Ghana are advancing and will ever achieve the full benefits of the political system we have adopted for ourselves; having experimented with multi-party parliamentary democracy for the past two decades or so? The demise of socialism as a world system together with the other types of dictatorial governments around the globe, have confirmed multi-party parliamentary democracy as the most viable form of governance; one with the capacity and clout for meeting the needs and key aspirations of the peoples of any nation.
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