Originally Published, December 19, 2011

“This is not about poverty, it’s about culture. A culture that glorifies violence, shows disrespect to authority, and says everything about rights but nothing about responsibilities,… and as I said yesterday, no phony human rights concerns about publishing these photographs will get in the way of bringing these criminals to justice”

David Cameron’s speech to the British parliament on 2011 riots in England.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron after attending a gathering of Commonwealth Heads of government in Perth, Australia stated that Britain as one of the premier aid givers in the world will want to see countries that receive their aid, adhere to proper human rights and that includes how people treat gays and lesbians. In other words, countries that promote anti-homosexual views and laws are going to have part of their budget support cut. This ruffled the feathers of most Ghanaians. The President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Atta-Mills called off the bluff of the British Premier stating that ‘Britain cannot tell Ghana a sovereign nation, what to do, especially where their societal norms and ideals are different from those which exist in the Prime Minister’s society”

The posturing and rebuff of the President were commendable. It really was a mark of true leadership; having received the mandate of the people of Ghana to represent their interest and aspirations including the cultural mores and ethos which we, as a people, hold sacrosanct.

Whiles the euphoria goes up, there is a tiny but powerful segment of the national population who are gnashing their teeth at the President for vowing never to legalize homosexuality during his Watch as the President of Ghana. The group includes the homosexuals and their sympathizers.

The homosexuals may by themselves not worry much about the President’s position, because the Police are not being sent after them for something they do in their private homes. There are however, the sympathizers who feel hurt in a different way and are ready to ‘take up in arms’ over this.

This group, by and large, is constituted by adherents of modern liberalist ideologies which are putting a positive spin on immorality across the face of the earth. They come in the cloak of Human Rights advocates, hailing those who deliberately reject moral and social rules, calling them liberators who are helping to free people from the grip of what they describe as, “Oppressive” moral traditions, particularly those attributable to religious beliefs.


They are bent on, and actually committed to promoting the rejection of the idea of creation, or anything God, and substituting it with the institutionalization of what they call the primeval state of man which posits the individual as the only ultimate reality. For them, nothing can be attributed to the way it was created, except in the choice of the individual. They expound the position by asserting that social bonds are created only by the choices the individual makes, therefore, the individual can have no obligation to something he or she has not consented to.
On the issue of family and marriage for example, this is how it pans out. The view of Christians, and indeed, all major religious groups which came from Abraham- Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as traditional African religion teach that, from the beginning, God created individuals in interrelatedness of human sexuality which sets the premise for marriage and the institution of the family. He then gave each its own divine moral values and norms.

So that, while there might be great variety in the cultural expressions of these institutions, it is universally accepted that when we enter into the covenant of marriage and family, we submit to an objective God-given structure.To the modern liberalist, social bonds’ including marriage came by individual choice and is something we can and must alter by choice.
What is even more worrisome about their thinking is their push for all choices to become morally equivalent, stating that there is no justification for favoring some choices over others. For them, there is no right or wrong decision, no sin, no crime; so that, a decision by someone to marry a goat or cow should be as valid and acceptable as a man and a woman coming together as husband and wife, because both are okay being outcomes of choices made by individuals. The result will be the creation of a mongrel race.  By the same token, marriage between a father and his daughter should be respected and valued, as much as, his previous marriage to the child’s mother, because it is by choice so if someone wants a same-sex marriage or some other variant, well that is okay. Do you know why sheep and dogs mate every female dog or sheep? It’s because they don’t have conscience so to them, there is nothing like illicit sexual practice.

To such social libertarians, people must be allowed to live just how they feel. They are therefore engaged in a fierce defense of deviant practices. Just look at the candor with which the British Prime Minister made his statement. Consider Obama’s presidential directive to use America’s foreign aid to promote rights of homosexuals abroad. Today, the threat is conditioned on homosexuality, tomorrow it will be on humans hooking up with animals. Soon they will insist that we throw God out of our schools and Public Places, just as they have gone ahead to do in their countries.


We do have people already trumpeting such world views, in this country and if we are not careful we might get overwhelmed before we will have time to act. Already, adherents of such thoughts are occupying unimaginably strategic and very powerful positions. They could be the next flag bearer of your political party; a president of the nation, the next chief justice, Government consultants; Members of Parliament etc.

I may need to be apprised of the legal understatements of President Atta Mills position, whether our laws vouch for and affirm the correctness of the position, legally or not. As it stands, I think what the president said does not go far enough to ensure that legalizing homosexuality never happens.

There is the likelihood that if not now, in the very near future, homosexuals and their sympathizers might resort to judicial procedures, as a means of settling the case, and end up coercing the nation into submission. Page 115 of my Book on the ‘Revival of Secular Humanism’, published in 2007 predicted this happening.

To squelch any attempt at ever getting homosexuality legalized in the nation, we will have to act now and raise the issue with Parliament to pass a law, if possible under a certificate of emergency, to affirm the national position that homosexuality is immoral and cannot be considered a variant of Marriage in our statute books.

This call goes out to our Members of Parliament, the Clergy, Imams, our chiefs and all who seek to maintain sanity in this country to rise up and get this done. This is not the same as criminalizing those in the act. Now to re-affirm the belief of Mr. David Cameron, what we Ghanaians also want to prevent, is the culture which says everything about rights but says nothing about responsibilities. Who is listening?


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