Originally Published, June 2013

To squelch any attempt at ever getting homosexuality legalized in Ghana, we will have to act now and raise the issue with Parliament to pass a law, if possible under a certificate of emergency, to affirm the national position that homosexuality cannot be considered a variant of marriage in our statute books. This is not the same as criminalizing those in the act.

The nation needs to be apprised-without anybody going to the supreme court-of the legal understatements of  President John Mahama that the “act is criminal and punishable under the laws of the country”; a position Lawyer Ndebugri disputes that the president, “misinterpreted the law” spelt out in Section 104 of the Criminal Offences Act which makes unnatural canal knowledge criminal. (Joy fm, 2nd feb, 2013).

Dr. Edward Kissi, a Ghanaian Associate Professor at the University of South Florida speaking  on the topic: “Human Rights and the Debate over Dignity and Social Order in Africa”,  likened  sexual orientation to immutable characteristics such as race or gender. He agues that “human rights issues have expanded since the later part of the 20th century and called on Africans to adapt to the changing global trend, and that…homosexuals are today seen as legitimate groups whose inalienable human rights are to be accorded”.(Joyonline, 6th, June 2013).

The strategic venue (University of Ghana) which was chosen to revive the discussion on sexual orientation in Ghana, should inform us that the homosexual society is targeting our youth.


Rather than being  told that there is nothing to worry about whilst secular humanist persistently find daibolical ways of penetrating our society, Ghanaian policy makers should come out to tell us our position on sexual orientation now. It’s rather improper to be made to speculate and conjecture, on  what direction our policy makers  intends to herd the nation towards, socially and culturally, considering the cold silence of our paliament on this issue.

With the kind of atmosphere the country is currently reeling under, what we least expect from our government and from any sector of the population is for us to be dragged under any heavy emotionally charged issues such as a national debate on the legalization of  homosexuality.

Let us consider this popular theatre line, “there are no small parts, only small actors” and to ask the President, and members of parliament as well as the newly designated Ministry of Gender, Children and Social protection, not to encourage the advocacy for the change in the traditional definition of marriage to include same sex marriage in Ghana. If a suggestion of that kind is hidden in the constitutional ammendment, dont impliment it.

Dr. Edward Kissi may belong to the adherents of modern liberalist ideologies which are putting a positive spin on immorality. They come in the cloak of human rights advocates, hailing those who deliberately reject moral and social rules, calling them liberators who are helping to free people from the grip of what they describe as, “Oppressive” moral traditions, particularly those attributable to religious and cultural beliefs.

They are bent on promoting the rejection of the idea of creation, or anything God, and substituting it with the institutionalization of what they call the primeval state of man which posits the individual as the only ultimate reality. For them, nothing can be attributed to the way it was created, except in the choice of the individual. They expound the position by asserting that social bonds are created only by the choices the individual makes, therefore, the individual can have no obligation to something he or she has not consented to.

What is even more worrisome about their thinking is their push for all choices to become morally equivalent, stating that there is no justification for favoring some choices over others. For them, there is no right or wrong decision, no sin, no crime; so that, a decision by someone to have sex or marry a goat, cow or hen which has no will to consent to sex with humans,  should be as valid and acceptable as a man and a woman coming together as husband and wife, because both are the outcomes of choices made by individuals. The result will be the creation of a mongrel race.

By the same token, Dr Edward Kissi is suggesting that marriage between a father and his daughter or his son should be respected and valued, as much as, his previous marriage to the child’s mother, because it is the inalienable right of a person who wants same-sex marriage or some other variant.


Already, adherents of such thoughts may be occupying strategic positions in our country. No matter how their type of activism may vaguely be familiar; when it is coupled with access to political power, when they belong to the judiciary, act as heads of educational institutions, belong to the clergy or controls the media, etc, liberal advocates finds it easy to reach their goal of bringing unbridled liberalism into our social and cultural worlds in the name of protecting “the victimized” and vulnerable.  Let us know that the Divine transcendent source that spawned rights for humans to protect the sanctity of life in humans, is the very source of laws which puts restrains on human activities.


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