Originally Published, February 8, 2013

 “All new news is old news happening to new people” – Malcolm Muggeridge.

At an event organized at Dome/Kwabenya by a group calling itself: “Let My Vote Count Alliance”,(LMVCA) and addressed by key political functionaries , some outrageous pronouncements were made which cannot be allowed to pass without comment.  
A new mindset? 
One of such shocking statements made at the meeting advocated for a spate of bombing, killing, maiming and destruction of lives and property, to be carried out in the country, ostensibly,  to send a “message” to the international community. A message to the International community? 
This method, -as is well known- is the ‘implement’ of choice of the notorious Drug Cartels in some countries. To communicate their messages to state institutions and the public, their agents are sent around to deliberately massacre scores of people and dump their bodies strategically across the cities.  When that is done whoever comes across such awful scenes recognizes the owner of the ‘autograph’ and grasps what is being communicated.
On the LMVCA platform, State institutions which serve as the strands that hold society together were bastardized by the speakers including  some honorable members of parliament.

By inspiring the youth to cross the line of authority and kick against state institutions with impunity, using threats and  repugnant language against people whose only crime is their quest to offer themselves as public servants; where are we getting with such attitudes. Or is it to revive an old “forgotten” order?


Even though the disputed 2012 electoral result is pending at the supreme court, pronouncements are being made by  speakers on the very case for which remedies are being sought which counters the wisdom of the petitioners. A speaker was bold to say in vernacular … nea m’ani ahu nti, Easter yi mobedi no yie… to wit; ‘I am privy to some information that tells that you will spend the coming Easter with much gaiety’. What privileged information is this speaker alluding to and how sure is he about his time line?  What should the nation expect from the audience of the speaker should the inevitable happen?
Growing up as a child, I was taught that it was wrong to make pronouncements on a case before a court of Law since that  could undermine the verdict or engender some unintended consequences. 
Society is witnessing the  intriguing manner,  coaxing and well spiced “appeals” being sent to the supreme court judges to do the  “right thing” or else their lives could be in danger. We live in very interesting times  and I think it will be prudent to  allow the law to work.

This is not business as usual and so no lame denial or comments should be offered Ghanaians by our Politicians. It will be absurd for anyone to suggest that some of the outrageous statements made at the platform of LMVCA, were sentiments made by mere “floor members” who feel cheated because their vote was “stolen”. Who selected them to speak in the first place? Did any executive member of the group openly disassociate the organizers from the position  of the person who advocated for bombing cars and schools?

 Don’t we have faith in the credible evidence placed before the court by the petitioners?
It is easier to destroy a nation than to rebuild it. When we set the tone for people to frolic unfettered, unrestrained, we will, to no avail, belatedly try desperately to stop the degenerative process we might have started.

It is common knowledge that Leadership that caters to the rebellious find in them an insatiable demand for more rebellion. Autonomy  can easily become addictive.
Mr. Asare Otchere-Darko, contributing via text message to a discussion on News File on Joy FM and the Joy News channel on Multi TV, stated: “I’m listening to the voices against NPP’s boycott of Parliamentary vetting and the difficulty is that, they are arguing on logic; but the NPP action is not about what is logical but what is political.

“The fact that the boycott is news, drums home the political point that the NPP wants to push; that these are not really normal political times. The party [NPP] is right to use all legitimate political means to deny the President’s residence within his zone of political comfort”.   I understand that pretty well. In politics that strategy is legitimate. But I wish to ask whether the party’s “right to use all legitimate political means to deny the President residence within his zone of political comfort” is forecasting the commencement  of an armed struggle as a political tool in this country, now that the call for bombings and killings of innocent people is being made in public and on political platforms?  

Would it include destabilising the economy through industrial unrest and destruction of state properties? By following the political philosophy propounded above, would every illogical action be deemed permissible because we are living in “abnormal times” in our political history?

Are we seeing the commence of a grand design to make Ghana ungovernable? And in whose interest is the agenda being pursued.Making nations ungovernable is by all standards a desperate measure by politicians to govern at all cost. Will that State be governable when you assume power? 

Let us note that in life, there is no creative impulse or end result that provides for limitless possibilities without some parameters. God in his wisdom has provided fences, walls and boundaries for our well-being, that we might not stray into terrain that destroys the very essence for which we were made. Let us not bring our state institutions down.

No Peace without Justice 
The slogan; “No Peace without Justice” expresses a truism whose import lies far beyond the proclamations at rallies organized by Political organizations. Philosophically, and in our circumstance, the cornets of Justice and Peace affirm two staggering beliefs. The first is that Power is not value-neutral.   It is value-driven. We don’t seek power just for its sake. You cannot expound the wrong values and seize power and hope to build society on the right values with the power you so captured. 
Political Parties and their functionaries must therefore, be careful what they portray in their quest for power.  
Chairman Mao thought; “Power goes out of the barren of the gun.” Check to see what he did to his own people. Pol Pot of Cambodia was an adherent of Mao’s philosophy and he is reputed to have murdered millions of his own countrymen.    In short, Lets note that in the wake of human failure, power can also be destructive. The difference is what value you begin with.   
In every civilized society Justice is sought within boundaries. That is why we have the Law Courts where we go to seek redress when we feel hurt. There we expect  the court to vindicate our position in the contest. Should the inevitable happen, we are left to accept it and live by the new reality.
All those seeking to rule this country and the organizations supporting such persons must deepen appreciation of its responsibility to the people they seek to rule over.
 For the sake of these two cornets-Peace and Justice-, every political leader must exhibit a growing insight into his mission and the need for meditating on the meaning of Justice and Peace and their application to our national situation. Our laws define the boundaries and the Law Courts keep us within these boundaries.
The Court 
The action by the NPP to go to court to seek redress over the Electoral results has been variously applauded because it is the right and most appropriate step for the Party. What the nation, including those who voted for Nana Akuffo –Addo is expecting is not mayhem on our streets but quiet and peace. Can we exercise patience whiles the case proceeds in court because justice is sought within the boundaries of the laws of the country? We don’t have to sneak over the boundaries and pronounce veiled verdicts with threats hoping to intimate the Court.

I therefore call on both NPP and the NDC parties to seek their remedies in court. They must stop the practice of running to radio and television stations or to the  streets advancing bogus arguments and raising false hopes just to stir up the emotions of their supporters. 

The peace of the nation is like the virginity of a young girl; we have only one chance to break the hymen, and it is gone forever; therefore, I call for order in our public behavior and utterances as we cede our rights to the courts of the nation.
State institutions 
Any Politician seeking office for the right reasons will always work to protect and preserve the State Machinery, like the Courts, the Electoral Commission the Security Agencies. These institutions constitute arms for any leader to manage state affairs and realize his vision and program for the people. We must therefore,  condemn those working hard to undermine State Institutions by name calling and disparaging remarks. 
 What you applaud you encourage. In moments like this we must watch what we celebrate for it may turn to hunt us later.
John Adams, the second president of the United State said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”
May I ask with all respect,  would any honorable member of parliament  who calls the President a thief stand up for the president when he comes to the House? Our children are watching and listening to the sort of leaders we have. Order!!

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